Drought Looming in Africa

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the pattern that we are seeing repeated more and more frequently around the world:  Disruptions in our natural systems (oceanic, atmospheric, climate, fresh water, food production) create stresses and disruptions in human society, which inevitably turn into conflict (either between states or between people groups), said […]

California Drought and El Nino – The News Is Not Good

California is in its third year of drought.  Recently I traveled in central California and it was a grim experience – somewhat  like driving through a landscape that had been baked in an oven.  I saw livestock ranges that looked like deserts, and I saw huge mounds of wood chips that were the result of […]

Arguments For Relatively Rapid Sea Rise Keep Mounting

Not long ago I posted several pieces on projected sea level rise, along  with comments noting that, even within the space of a month, the expectations within the scientific community for significantly more ice melt (and more sea level rise), significantly faster than previously expected.  Now, new studies explain some of the mechanisms behind accelerating  polar […]

Fire, Ice & Rain (A Potpourri of Updates)

Siberia is burning.  Or at least, significant parts of Siberia are burning.  When most people think of wildfire zones, they think of the western United states - California and Arizona.  But in the last few decades the wildfire season in Siberia has become epic due  to much warmer winters and much warmer and dryer summers.  The […]

“India’s Rain Pattern Has Changed”

India has somewhere close to 1.3 billion people and will overtake China in the next few years as the world’s most populous nation.  Many of the people in India are involved in the agricultural sector – farmers working small landholdings and trying to eke out a living while helping to feed those nearly 1.3 billion […]

Disasters in 2014 – A Wild Ride Ahead?

Around the world, disasters have been on an unprecedented increase since about 1980, “unprecedented” in this case meaning about a 300% increase since 1980.   Given the emerging El Nino condition and the global surge in disasters that accompany it, I would expect 2014 to be a record year for disasters.  And, if you live in […]

An Apology – and An Explanation

First, let me apologize for not posting much lately.  It has not been because of a lack of things to write about – actually the opposite is true!  My lack of posting has been because I have been so very engaged in writing the  script for the pilot in a television series based on my Planet […]


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