Water Crisis – Sao Paulo Edition

Sao Paulo is South America’s largest city.  Counting its suburbs, it has a population of about 26 million.  It is in its third year of drought.  In the best of times, its water supply is under pressure.  Now, it has less than two months of water left.  Now is the rainy season in Sao Paulo […]

Water Crisis – Central American Edition

The UN humanitarian agency has warned that drought-driven widespread crop failure in Central America has pushed some 2.5 million people into food insecurity.  This is nice, polite phrasing for “hungry, with not enough money to buy the food they need.” Coverage in the US of a humanitarian crisis of this scale is sparse, which is appalling […]

Sao Paulo Crisis Update

It is not an exaggeration to say that the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is in crisis.  The city of more than 20 million people, now in its third year of drought, has emptied its reservoirs and is now draining its emergency reserves.  Their strategic plan?  Hope.  They are hoping for rain.  It is not […]

A Few Things To Consider While You Celebrate At The Pump

There was a very important OPEC meeting today at OPEC headquarters in Vienna.  The cartel has been in a tumult as a result of the sharp drop in oil prices over the past three months.  Some countries in OPEC – such as Venezuela – have their national budgets structured in such a way that they go immediately into a […]

The Year of Atmospheric Change – Part II

In my last post, I talked about how amazingly significant the current accelerating decline in our global atmospheric system is.  I alluded to cutting-edge theories for global impact being seen to play out in our current situation.  Alluded, but did not give an in-depth explanation.  Fortunately, an impressive blogger (and former national security emerging-threats specialist) […]

2014: The Year of Change In Our Atmospheric System

For months now I have been trying to figure out what would most characterize accelerating changes to the earth’s natural systems in 2014.  Having so many severe droughts in so many places on the earth at one time created a strong argument for our hydrospheric system as being most obviously impacted.  But, on further consideration, […]

Jeremiah, The Patience of God, and the Acceleraing Decay of the Natural World

Reading the book of Jeremiah can be tedious.  Yes, it is the Word of God.  Yes, it is historical.  Yes, there is a story line.  But still it can be tedious because it is so repetitive.  Time and time again Jeremiah is sent to the Israelites with a message from God.  The message is given […]


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