The Pesticide Quandary: No Good Choices

Perhaps you have heard about the massive bee deaths that are being experienced in many places around the world.  It is actually a large problem that large ramifications for human society, and the backstory is a little complicated. Since the end of World War II, world agriculture has been converted to industrial agriculture until, today, […]

Major El Nino + Record Arctic Ice Loss = Record Number of Disasters in 2015?

An El Nino condition has been declared by three major meteorological agencies, and it is expected to be a major one, with at least a chance that it will be a “super” El-Nino surpassing the 1998 event.  An El Nino is a massive pool of unusually warm water in the eastern Pacific Ocean that builds […]

35 Earthquakes in the Last 24 Hours

According to the USGS earthquake page, there have been 35 earthquakes (greater than 2.5 on the Richter scale) in the past 24 hours.  And here is the thing–eleven of  them have been 5.0 or greater.  Annualized, that would be just a bit more than 4000 such earthquakes per year.  The USGS says that we get […]

Sao Paulo: Collapse of Social Order Feared

When there are resource shortages, such as food and water, people go for each other’s throats.  In a sin-filed world, that is just how it works.  It  works that way in neighborhoods, and it works that way between nations (though, between nations, the list of resource shortages that spur conflict is much longer).  In Brazil, […]

FAO Food Price Index Declined in April

Back on May 3, I posted this article predicting that the FAO food index for April would rise when it came out on May 7.  My rationale was that oil prices have been rising a little for almost six months and have been increasing significantly for almost eight weeks.  I stated that food prices always […]

Sea Level Rise: Exponentially Increasing

I have written a number of posts on this blog about sea level rise and failing glacier systems in the Arctic, in Greenland, and in the Antarctic.  I have taken care to point out that each and every study that comes out on glacier failure is more grim than that last, and that every new time-line is […]

Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream Continues to Weaken, Disorganize

Take a look at what the jet stream is doing in the image below.  This image is generated by Climate Reanalyzer (based at UMaine) and represents the jet stream today, May 5, 2015. What we should be seeing is a relatively strong band of air flowing in waves (alternating areas of strength and weakness) around […]


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