All That Heat….

Chances are pretty good that you have not been obsessively tracking the profound amount of  heat that has built up in the Arctic Ocean over the past few seasons.  That being the case, it is almost a certainty that you have not been looking at how all that anomalous heat is interacting with the atmosphere and affecting things such […]

5000 Acres A Day

A new study out this week looks at the loss of agricultural soil around the world due to the build-up of salt in the soil.  Reading the article, it was not at all clear to me if the researchers looked at just salt (sodium chloride) or if they also looked at “salts” or chemical residues broadly included […]

Building On Sand

The US Federal Reserve is expected to announce tomorrow that it is ending its latest round of “quantitative easing”.  This is the third round of quantitative easing, thus earning  it the nickname “QEIII”.  What has happened is enormously complicated and, at the same time, fairly simple:  Some $3.6 trillion dollars was injected into the US economy […]

Is Miami Beach Drowning?

Reader Darrell sent along a link to a very good video of a news report from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) about the “sunny day flooding” going on in Florida lately.  As you watch the video, calculate the global impact of a three-foot rise in seas across the world.  Truth is, the rate at which sea levels […]

Ebola: I Was Wrong

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that took a look  at  ebola and questioned whether it was a last-day pestilence.  I compared the annual deaths of ebola to those of diarrhea and other common killers.  In this comparison, ebola barely moved the needle in terms of deaths on a global scale. But that […]

Fools Rush In…

To the casual observer, things appear to be pretty good in the US right now.  The economy is on the mend, with employment up and corporate earnings up.  There have not been any significant security concerns lately.  The US has not plunged into any new wars lately.  All in all, things appear to be pretty […]

Warlords, Caliphates, Tribes: Prophecy is Fulfilled As The World Descends Further Into Violence and Chaos

You really should read this short article by Bloomberg on the accelerating descent into chaos in the growing parts of the Middle East.  The identified problems are many, though chief among them is the fact that governments are falling apart and failing to govern, and groups such as the Islamic State are filling the vacuum and […]


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