A Multitude of Drought Areas Around the World

It just isn’t possible for the whole world to be in drought.  After all, if there is a water shortage somewhere, there is a water surplus elsewhere, right?  Well, maybe so, but that water surplus can be over the oceans, or the water surplus can come as severe floods, which are even more destructive.  The […]

And There Shall Be Pestilences: Ebola

Is the Ebola virus one of the “pestilences” that Christ mentioned the world would experience shortly before His return (Matthew 24:7).  My take:  maybe, but probably not. The answer depends partially on how we define Christ’s use of the word.  Are we only talking about diseases that kill millions and disrupt societies?  Ebola has disrupted societies but […]

The North Burns and Burns (and Burns)

As a follow-up to my post of yesterday, I again want to talk about changes in the extreme northern latitudes – the arctic region.   Let me start by pointing to the extreme warming in most of the extreme north – Canada, Siberia, and the Nordic States.  Below is a map of temperature anomalies in the […]

Arctic Emergency

I have not been putting up many posts these days, but please do not take that to mean I have not been closely observing earth systems and related news.  The opposite is actually true:  I have lately been fixated by what I see as the rapidly increasing symptoms of wholesale earth system change.  Specifically, I […]

Drought Looming in Africa

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the pattern that we are seeing repeated more and more frequently around the world:  Disruptions in our natural systems (oceanic, atmospheric, climate, fresh water, food production) create stresses and disruptions in human society, which inevitably turn into conflict (either between states or between people groups), said […]

California Drought and El Nino – The News Is Not Good

California is in its third year of drought.  Recently I traveled in central California and it was a grim experience – somewhat  like driving through a landscape that had been baked in an oven.  I saw livestock ranges that looked like deserts, and I saw huge mounds of wood chips that were the result of […]

Arguments For Relatively Rapid Sea Rise Keep Mounting

Not long ago I posted several pieces on projected sea level rise, along  with comments noting that, even within the space of a month, the expectations within the scientific community for significantly more ice melt (and more sea level rise), significantly faster than previously expected.  Now, new studies explain some of the mechanisms behind accelerating  polar […]


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