Adaptation, Desalination, Depopulation

The world is facing an array of crises and, in almost all cases, the crises are of the creeping kind.  That is to say, the crises gradually and inexorably marches along as opposed to a sudden event like an earthquake.  When there is a creeping crisis (and drought in California and Brazil and so many […]

California: Coming – A Memorable Earthquake?

The earth is in a dynamic state and small changes to either the atmosphere or the oceans or water on or under  the earth’s surface spur big changes to the earth’s crust.  Put more plainly, moving large amounts of water from one place to another can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  This is the theory […]

California: Get Ready For A Wild Ride

Actually, its not just California.  It is Central America, South America, Australia, Asia and Europe.  But California will likely be the focal point. Here is what is happening:  Unusual ocean surface heat has been building up along the west coast of the Americas for the past three years.  In North America, this heat build up […]

The Crisis Pattern: Denial, Panic, Adaptation, Emigration

Water problems are grave across the Americas.  In southern Chile, the drought is so bad and so enduring that it has been declared “permanent” and the government  is building twelve large desalination plants.  In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the drought  is so bad that some people are drilling wells in their basements or digging cisterns, while others are […]

Chile: A Multitude of Water Problems

Before it’s water problems became critical, Chile already had enough issues to deal with.  It was battling serious political scandals.  Its international reputation was in a serious slump as a result of numerous missteps, and its economy was increasingly fragile.  Too, there was the burden of recovery from some serious earthquakes in the recent past. […]

Eastern US: Get Used To The Cold?

Things are changing so fast.  In the northern hemisphere, we’ve seen massive changes in the ice cap, which has led to massive changes in the atmosphere and jet stream, which has shifted weather patterns, including the polar vortex.  In the Atlantic, we’ve seen a record-setting cold spot off the coast of Greenland which itself results […]

AMOC: Laying the Foundation for Fulfilling Prophecies in Revelation?

As regular readers know,  my ministry is deeply involved in pointing out the accelerating decay and decline of the natural systems that underpin the functioning of our world, and pointing to how Biblical prophecies are fulfilled through the impacts of the accelerating declines of these systems.  My entire ministry amounts to one big “Wake Up!” […]


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