Jeremiah, The Patience of God, and the Acceleraing Decay of the Natural World

Reading the book of Jeremiah can be tedious.  Yes, it is the Word of God.  Yes, it is historical.  Yes, there is a story line.  But still it can be tedious because it is so repetitive.  Time and time again Jeremiah is sent to the Israelites with a message from God.  The message is given […]

Your Life Will Be Impacted By Our Changing World Within The Next Week…

There are tremendous and dramatic changes taking place in the natural world – changes that reflect the accelerating decay of the natural systems that God put in place to sustain life on this planet.  The natural systems that God put in place – our atmospheric system, our oceanic system, our fresh water system, our climate system and […]

Sao Paulo Update

As promised, I just wanted to make a quick update of the Sao Paulo drought crisis.  Recall that almost 30 million people are within a whisker of being without water, and there really is no “Plan B” for taking care of them.  The lack of government response is the basis for this very good article from the […]

Sao Paulo: A “Collapse Like We’ve Never Seen Before”

Sao Paulo is Brazils most populous city.  It is also the most populous city in South America.  The greater Sao Paulo metropolitan region has  a population of over 27 million.  Those 27 million people have  just a tiny bit of water left in the reservoirs that serve the city, and when that is gone, there […]

All That Heat….

Chances are pretty good that you have not been obsessively tracking the profound amount of  heat that has built up in the Arctic Ocean over the past few seasons.  That being the case, it is almost a certainty that you have not been looking at how all that anomalous heat is interacting with the atmosphere and affecting things such […]

5000 Acres A Day

A new study out this week looks at the loss of agricultural soil around the world due to the build-up of salt in the soil.  Reading the article, it was not at all clear to me if the researchers looked at just salt (sodium chloride) or if they also looked at “salts” or chemical residues broadly included […]

Building On Sand

The US Federal Reserve is expected to announce tomorrow that it is ending its latest round of “quantitative easing”.  This is the third round of quantitative easing, thus earning  it the nickname “QEIII”.  What has happened is enormously complicated and, at the same time, fairly simple:  Some $3.6 trillion dollars was injected into the US economy […]


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