Our Perilous Global Economy: A Weak Link

When I am able to speak at length of the decline of natural systems and how this decline affects human society and fulfills prophecy (such as when I am giving a weekend seminar at a church), I always include a section on the link between weakening natural systems and a weakening global economy.  There is […]

The World in Rapid Decline: A Simply Incredible Week

It has been an amazing week.  All across the globe there are clear signs of decay in major natural systems and, tragically, that means increased human suffering around  the world.  This day and consequent suffering is the direct result of sin, for the result of sin and a world in rebellion is death, and this […]

First Time Visitor? Start Here

Is this your first time to this site?  Welcome.  There are almost 100 archived articles currently on this blog, dating back to 2012.  When I first started this blog, I concentrated on big-picture stuff:  how sin affects the natural systems that God created, etc.  You can only write so many articles like that, so over […]

The Seas Are Turned To Blood…

The eastern Pacific (the west coast of the US) is quickly spiraling out of control and what is happening has huge implications on humans and may also give us insight into prophecy. Much has happened in the eastern pacific lately and I have posted on some of it.  Below is an image from the invaluable […]

India: 2200 Dead in Heat Wave, Monsoon Progression Sluggish

India is in the throes of a deadly heat wave.  Thus far, some 2200 souls have perished.  The heat wave is usually more moderate in India, and it is usually quenched by the progression of the monsoon (summer rains) that agriculture in that country depends upon.  But things are changing all over the world and […]

Ten Days In California: What Drought?

I’ve been in California for the past ten days and it has been a fascinating experience.  I spent some time in southern California–a little city called Loma Linda to be exact.  Last Sunday my son graduated from medical school there and, yes, I was a very proud father.  During this last week I helped my […]

Record Ice Loss, Record Rains, Record Drought: These Things Go Together

Back on May 13 (which seems like a really, really, long time ago), I posted this article about the likelihood of seeing record disasters in 2015 because of the confluence of accelerating ice loss in the arctic and the emerging El Nino.  For Texans, the article would have been prescient had it not been so general. The […]


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