Record Fire Season in the US: It’s a Systems Problem

When God created the world, He did so in a highly organized, highly intentional way.  He knew what He was doing and He created a fantastically beautiful, amazingly well organized world.  He used systems to organize this world and make it sustainable–our atmospheric system, our hydrospheric system (all the surface water on the planet), our […]

China, Commodities, the Stock Market, and Societal Instability

Two months ago I posted an article on the effect China’s stock-market collapse would have on the world.  It was a quick thumb-nail sketch that focused on what I expected to happen to other stock markets and other economies around the world.  I was, essentially, trying to look at what would happen when the world’s […]

Muslims Join: The Religious Coalition Against Global Warming Just Doubled In Size

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and today many Muslim religious leaders issued a joint statement from a meeting in Turkey calling on all Muslims but especially on developed countries to lead the switch to renewable fuels and reduce CO2 emissions so that global warming does not cross the 2C threshold.  Their argument […]

The World’s Oceans In Disarray–What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Take a good, hard look at the image below.  It is a representation of sea-surface temperature anomalies the world over (“sea” in this case including large lakes).  I count eight serious things that are wrong with this picture, and I’ll take a few minutes to describe what they are and how they are impacting human society […]

The Environment, the End Times, and the Pope’s Encyclical — An Analysis

How does the steadily accelerating decline in the earth’s system’s (our atmosphere, hydrosphere, etc.) fit into end-time scenarios as Adventists understand them?  How does the Pope’s recent environmental encyclical fit into the overall scenario?  Is there a scenario that makes sense out of what we see unfolding? I recently spoke at the Northern New England […]

El Nino To Leave California Deep In Drought?

California’s drought is verging on catastrophic.  It is close to  the point where society and economy are truly and severely impacted.  The state has run out of god adaptation options and is now heavily invested in the final refuge of all who are facing a catastrophe:  hope.  Specifically, they are hoping that the current monster […]

Baking, Then Drowning: Over 1.2 Million Displaced by Floods in Asia

A few weeks ago, parts of India and Pakistan were literally baking under a persistent heat dome that pushed surface air temperatures to the limits of human endurance.  The combination of heat and humidity were so strong that in some places it overwhelmed the ability of the human body to cool itself, pushing tens of […]


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