Ebola: I Was Wrong

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that took a look  at  ebola and questioned whether it was a last-day pestilence.  I compared the annual deaths of ebola to those of diarrhea and other common killers.  In this comparison, ebola barely moved the needle in terms of deaths on a global scale. But that […]

Fools Rush In…

To the casual observer, things appear to be pretty good in the US right now.  The economy is on the mend, with employment up and corporate earnings up.  There have not been any significant security concerns lately.  The US has not plunged into any new wars lately.  All in all, things appear to be pretty […]

Warlords, Caliphates, Tribes: Prophecy is Fulfilled As The World Descends Further Into Violence and Chaos

You really should read this short article by Bloomberg on the accelerating descent into chaos in the growing parts of the Middle East.  The identified problems are many, though chief among them is the fact that governments are falling apart and failing to govern, and groups such as the Islamic State are filling the vacuum and […]

A Message From The Lord

I haven’t been posting much lately.  The reason for this was very simple:  I got tired.  And, I got depressed.  The tired part had to do with a large number of speaking engagements over the  past three years (and constant researching and writing) that, combined with my job and other demands, just sort of wore me down.  […]

The Ice Tells The Story

In my post of yesterday I talked about the dramatic increase we have seen in extreme weather events over the past 30 years.  Today I want to talk about our disappearing arctic ice.  Interestingly, these two topics – extreme weather and disappearing arctic ice – are strongly linked.  You see, when God created the earth […]

If You Only Look At One Chart This Month, Look At This One

There is a reason that God did not want  sin to enter the universe, and that is because it destroys everything it touches.  Sin is, at its core, rebellion against God and rejection of God, and it separates creation from Creator.  Since God is the source of all life and the maintainer of order (we […]

2.8 Million Hungry in Central America Due to Drought

I continue to be amazed at the long list of  countries and regions that are experiencing drought – serious drought – right now.  The situation in Central America is particularly worrying, with nearly 3 million experiencing food shortages due to drought-induced crop failures.  It is important to understand that many of the people in Central […]


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