Confused Data, Growing Problems

The constant and accelerating decline of the key  natural systems that drive life functions on this planet is fairly clear to anyone who sifts through the data.  The fact that this profound and accelerating decline is the inevitable result of sin and separation from God is also clear to anyone who sifts through what the […]

Brazil Losing 112 Billion Tons of Water Per Year Since 2012

Brazil is in the midst of the worst drought in its  modern history, and one it is woefully unprepared to cope with.  Recently NASA released a study that utilized its GRACE satellites to measure just how much water Brazil is losing during its drought.  The twin GRACCE satellites, which measure fluctuations in earth’s gravity and […]

New Planet In Distress TV Series Planned

Exciting news:  Hope TV plans to produce a new Planet In Distress series that has the potential of reaching a massive number of people!  Planet In Distress and Hope TV have been in discussion over the project for about year and now plan on a series of 13 programs that look at the accelerating decay of our […]

Frankentides and US East Coast Flooding

Not long ago I posted on the strange events going on in the North Atlantic.  In that post, I mentioned a “bulge” of water off the US east coast causing increased sea levels, but did not explore the impacts of that bulge in any depth.    I was going to write an accompanying post talking […]

Global Food Prices Surge From Weather-Related Impacts

Global food prices peaked in 2011, reaching their highest levels in more than 50 years and bringing hardship upon billions of extremely poor people around the earth.   The impacts of surging food prices were wide-ranging, and included societal destabilization in poor (and poorly governed) countries from the Middle East (including the whole “Arab Spring” uprising) to […]

Something Strange in the North Atlantic

The earth can be compared to an old-fashioned watch in that it has a numerous moving pieces that are fully integrated.  These “systems”  are mid-bogglingly complex and include our oceanic system, atmospheric system, soil system, fresh water system (including the hydrologic cycle, which of course overlaps with the atmospheric system), climate system, etc.  Each of these […]

Uninhabitable: Indonesia, the Gulf, and Pope Francis

The wildfires in Indonesia are the worst such outbreak in recorded human history.  Prior to this, the worst such outbreak was also in Indonesia, in 1997.  1997 was also a record El  Nino year, but the fires this year are wo much worse than 1997 that any comparison is a weak one.  Further, wildfire problems […]


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