A Statistic Only An Earth-Systems Geek Could Love

There are so many important things going on in the world – wars (and rumors of wars), conflicts, droughts, dire new evidence of decline in our earth systems, famines, new diseases, etc.  With all that is going on, there are many important posts that I need to write.  This isn’t one of them. Today I am […]

This is What “Accelerating Decline” Means

So, a new study is out regarding sea-level rise and its impact on New York.  Reports are that the study is a very exhaustive one that was carried out with diligence by experts in an array of fields.  What the report is saying is that New York City can expect sea level increases to be […]

The Imminent Dangers of Deflation and Mounting Global Debt

Do you have debt?  Significant debt of any kind (mortgage, student loans, credit cards, all of the above?)?  Chances are extremely good that you answered  “yes” to this  question.  Chances are also extremely good that you will soon be very, very seriously regretting your debt.  All of it. Deflation looms on the global horizon.  Many […]

More Thoughts On Daniel 2:41-43

The EU is primarily a monetary union, with a dash of coordinated defense and police action thrown in for good measure.  As such, the EU will live or die on the basis of its economic success.  Presently and for much of  the last decade, it has been dying.  For what this means in terms of […]

Sao Paulo – The Crisis Spreads

Sao Paulo, South America’s largest city, is deep in crisis.  The city of 26 million (counting suburbs) is in its third year of drought.  It’s reservoirs have dropped to near zero.  Rain in 2014 was the lowest on record.  The rainy season ends at the beginning of April – two months from now – and […]

Daniel 2:41-43 Alert

Are you watching the EU?  What is happening in Europe is fascinating.  A quick review:  Modern-day Europe is essentially the  result of the interactions of ten tribes that dominated after the fall of the Roman empire.  Three of those tribes have disappeared and the remnant states of seven can yet be seen across modern Europe.  Looking at Europe today, […]

What Happened in 2014: The Oceans

I have been giving Planet In Distress seminars for about six years.  My book (“Planet In Distress”) came out in 2012.  I have had a blog since 2012 as well.  Across all these platforms and during the entire period in question, I have been describing our oceans as “dying” and “crashing”.  I have been asked […]


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