Wars And Rumors Of Wars: Adding Up The Day

I have said it many times:  We are seeing prophecy fulfilled before our eyes and realizing this should lead to a profound change in our priorities, a change in the way we use our resources, and a change in relationships with Christ and the world.  In essence, it should change our lives. 

Occasionally, on an unusual day,  it is possible to survey the world and wonder if the whole prophecy-fulfillment thing has petered out.  Today is not one of those days.  I am staggered at the number of conflicts, wars, and potential aggressions that are being reported today.  It reminds me that the final movements in fulfillment of prophecy will be rapid ones (consistent with the accelerating decay of the earth).  Here is a partial list of conflict-related headlines from around the world  Do you get the same overwhelming feeling I get?

Ukraine Mobilizes After “Declaration of War” From Russia

North Korea Launches Short-range Missiles

String of Militant Attacks in Nigeria Leaves 90 Dead

China Calls Deadly Terrorist Attack Their “9/11″

The Changing Nature of War and Syria

Violence in Iraq Kills 703 in February

Massacre in Myanmar

The Next Battle In The Syrian War May Take Place In Lebanon

Venezuela Protests Continue – National Guardsman Killed

Obama’s Contingency Plan In Afghanistan

Like I say – a partial list. 

Scott Christiansen