The Environment, the End Times, and the Pope’s Encyclical — An Analysis

How does the steadily accelerating decline in the earth’s system’s (our atmosphere, hydrosphere, etc.) fit into end-time scenarios as Adventists understand them?  How does the Pope’s recent environmental encyclical fit into the overall scenario?  Is there a scenario that makes sense out of what we see unfolding?

I recently spoke at the Northern New England camp meeting in Freeport, Maine, and was privileged to give two presentations, one of which touches directly on the questions above and one of which touches on them tangentially.  The first presentation concentrated on the Pope’s encyclical and how it might fit into end-time scenarios.  The second concentrated on the state of the earth at creation and the state of earth as we see it now (and as we see it becoming), using the two to explore the characters of God and Satan.  The presentations were audio-taped and NNEC has made them available.  The tapes are not excellent and, unfortunately, I was referencing slides instead of describing them for listening audiences.  But still, you might find true value in the recordings.  Here is the link to the talk on the Pope’s encyclical, and here is the link to the talk on the character of God and the Character of Satan.  I hope the talks are a blessing to you.

I will provide my powerpoint slide decks to anyone who asks, in case you want to view the slides while you listen to the recordings.

Scott Christiansen