Peace and Safety: What Happens When Russia and China Lose?

The war in Ukraine has been going on for some 78 days, and during that whole time analysis has been going on at the speed of war, so even though the war is (unfortuantely) quite young, some things are beginning to become clearer with each passing day.  The first of these is that Russia will […]

Chaos Breeds Chaos: An Analysis of the Global Mid-Term Effects of Russia’s War on Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been going on for some eight weeks now, which is long enough for the shock and horror to givw way to some analysis.  This being the case, the western world is awash in analysis.  I don’t think I will be duplicating any of that analysis here because I will be […]

The Bible Says that Putin Will (Eventually) Lose

I am writing this post on April 4, 2022, as media reports start rolling in about the horrific genocide committed by Russian troops in Bucha.  As with many who see the reports, the pictures are too much for me to look at and a boiling anger and desire for revenge and justice fill me.  The […]

But The End Is Not Yet

Before Russia brutally massacred civilians and intentionally targeted critical infrastructure in Ukraine such as hospitals and schools and day-care centers, and before the Russian invasion brought Ukraine’s vast wheat-growing operations to a grinding halt, food prices were already near all-time highs.  For very poor people the world over – meaning those living on $2 a […]

While We Weren’t Watching…

The global pandemic has not yet run its course and, if the several dangerous mutations now in circulation are any indication, the world may live with Covid for some time longer – perhaps much longer. But while we have all been paying attention to Covid, the world’s natural systems have continued their accelerating decline, to […]

To Be Clear: These Are The End Times

No one in their right mind wants to live through the end times.  The Bible makes clear that the wars, pestilence, famine and upheaval in the natural world are without precedence during those days.  And yet here we are, living in a time when prophecies regarding the last days are increasingly fulfilled. In this blog […]

When Will We Reach The Tipping Point?

What a fascinating time to be alive. Right in front of us, the earth and human society are as one in accelerating decay and on a terminal trajectory while we as a society are doing pretty much…. nothing.  At the same time, and of magnitudes of order more importance, some 7.7 billion souls hang in […]

One Degree Of Separation?

I keep saying the end game has started, by which I mean that the end times spoken of in the Bible have started.  But am I over-stating it?  After all, the Bible paints a very stark picture – there will be a period of epic distress and conflict and suffering (the beginning of sorrows) that […]

To A World That Is All About Money, The End-Game Is Beginning To Look Really Ugly

The disciples of Jesus posed a fascinating question to him at the very end of His ministry.  Jesus had just finished telling them about the coming destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, and in Matthew 24:3 they responded with a more expansive question: “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be sign […]

The Future Is Here, And It’s The Beginning Of Sorrows

Selfishness is an absolutely terrible organizing principle upon which to base any system.  The problem with selfishness as the basis for a system is that the resulting system collapses in on itself; it is the inescapable nature of selfishness that drives all members of a system to be in competition with each other and to […]