Brazil Losing 112 Billion Tons of Water Per Year Since 2012

Brazil is in the midst of the worst drought in its  modern history, and one it is woefully unprepared to cope with.  Recently NASA released a study that utilized its GRACE satellites to measure just how much water Brazil is losing during its drought.  The twin GRACCE satellites, which measure fluctuations in earth’s gravity and are frankly pretty amazing, indicated water loss in the rage of 28 trillion gallons per year.  If my math is correct, that is about 112 billion tons of water per year, which means Brazil is losing enough water each year to raise global sea levels by about one-third of a millimeter.  I admit that one-third of a millimeter doesn’t sound impressive, but I think we can agree that 28 trillion gallons of water is ALOT of water, however you measure it.

NASA’s study is accompanied by a video that features a cool graphic of the GRACE satellites and also does a pretty fair job of showing the fluctuations of water in Brazil as a context for the extreme drought now underway.  Take a look at the video.

Scott Christiansen