Fund Raising For TV Series: 15% Complete

The fundraising for a Planet In Distress TV series on Hope Channel is about 15% complete, as a bit over $1500 has been raised or pledged so far toward this $10,000 goal.  I will be meeting with a Hope Channel producer in January to hash the details out and, if things somehow go off the rails (which, sadly, happens often enough with media projects), then a Planet In Distress TV series (complete with DVD set of the series) WILL be completed with another Christian broadcaster.

Interestingly, if you go to the Planet In Distress page at the Adventist Book Center web site, you will see that a DVD set is “available”. This project was never finished before the publisher, Review and Herald, went out of business (and, for some reason, the page was never taken down by ABC, so people are still adding it to their “wish list”).  It is my keen desire to complete this project and to spread the concrete indications of Christ’s soon coming as far and wide as possible.  If you want to join me in giving a “Wake Up!” shout to both Christian and secular audiences, then please send your tax-deductible check to the Northern New England Conference (who has “adopted” the PID ministry and keeps the books), with “Planet In Distress” in the memo area.

Here is the address:

Northern New England Conference

Planet In Distress

479 Main Street

Westbrook, Maine 04092