The Big Picture (In 10 3-Minute Spots)

Yesterday I spent part of the day in a sound studio taping radio spots for Loud Cry Radio to consider.  Loud Cry Radio is a ministry of Glen Striemer (father of Naomi Striemer) and if you like contemporary Christian music I highly recommend it (you’ll find it streaming on the internet).  I taped the first five of ten eventual spots and the process was interesting,  educational, and challenging.

It was interesting because working with the creative types in the studio and going through the process of taping and editing the spots was very engaging.  It was educational and challenging because I had to really, really focus on my message in order to be able to explain to a mixed audience what is going on in the world, how it is sin that is the ultimate cause of the decay of the earth itself, and how this fulfills prophecy and shows the nearness of the coming of Christ.  Oh, and when possible I had to work in how the whole thing reflects the characters of Christ and Satan, respectively.  And iI had to do it in three minutes.

I didn’t make the three minute target.  When I got into the studio I read the material more slowly than I did at home, carefully enunciating each word.  Most spots ended up at three and a half  minutes.  Loud Cry will let me know if the spots are workable or if I need to cut and retake.

Writing the spots made me realize that I often neglect to provide a full context for my posts here, assuming that my readers already have sufficient background information to add context to my comments.  I know this is a false assumption just by looking at the array of countries that daily visitors to this blog come from.  Many are first-time visitors pursuing a search topic.  With that in mind I’m going to post the Loud Cry scripts here.  Note that some of them are almost a Bible study  (I’m working on a Planet In Distress Bible Study).   I’ll post five topics now and five topics next week.   I hope they are a blessing to both the regular readers as well as the visitors to this site.

Scott Christiansen