The Prophecies of Matthew 24 and Food Price and Availability

Matthew 24 is an absolutely fascinating chapter of the Bible.  In Matthew 24, Christ’s disciples are meeting with him privately and they put a critical question to Him: they ask him what will be the signs of His coming – the signs of the end of the age. Well, Christ answers them in great detail. And what He said is so critically important that not only does Matthew give an account, but so do Mark and Luke. The parallel chapters are Mark 13 and Luke 21, and by reading them all you get the fullest account of what Christ said.

Let’s look at Matthew 24:6-8 and compare what Christ would happen with the cumulative effect of sin that is increasingly apparent on our earth.   We’re going to do something you probably have not done before: we’ll look at the effects of sin on the price and availability of food, and how this interacts with the prophecy in Matthew 24:6-8. In these few verses Christ said that in the last days we would see a dramatic increase in conflict – that we would hear of wars and rumors of wars – and that this conflict would be between both nations and people groups. He said we would also see dramatic increases in famine, in pestilence or disease, and that we would see a tremendous increase in earthquakes all over the world.

Let’s set aside earthquakes for now. That leaves us with conflict, famine, and pestilence. How do these interact with food price and availability? Very directly. You see, when there is a significant food price spike, such as we saw from 2008 through 2015, societies that are barely stable rapidly decay into disorganization and conflict. When people can’t eat, they revolt, especially when they have other things to be unhappy about, such as corrupt governments or dictatorships.

In countries around the world, we’ve seen food price spikes followed by a loss of civil order, followed by conflict, which created the conditions for widespread hunger and disease. The truth is that over ten percent of all the countries in the world now meet Christ’s description of what would be happening just before His return. And that number is increasing steadily.

Food price and availability is the foundation of human society. Thus, its also the canary in the coal mine for societal disruptions. Food insecurity has a multitude of causes that stem from disruptions in our natural world, and all of these disruptions can in turn can be traced back to the cumulative effects of sin on our planet. In these effects of sin we are seeing nothing less than the steady fulfillment of prophecy that Christ Himself made. Friends, its time to wake up to the signs all around us and be fully about our Master’s business because Jesus really is coming, and He really is coming soon.

Scott Christiansen