The Next Great Famine

I don’t often publish two posts in one day, but after writing my last post I came across a short article in the New Yorker.  Now, because I think the New Yorker is the best magazine in the world,  I am of course predisposed to link to articles there.  Especially this one, which talks about a sudden change in weather systems in Europe some 700 years ago and the impact it had.  I think the article was written to point out how tenuous our global food production system is in the face of significant weather changes the world over.  But, the writer didn’t pound that point home, nor did she talk about how industrialized agriculture helps weaken our global food supply system, so there were several opportunities missed.  Still, its a good enough article to link to (and, hey, it is the New Yorker) so here it is.

Scott Christiansen