Fund Raising for Planet In Distress TV Series 45% Complete

It has been some time since I updated the fundraising effort for a Planet In Distress TV series.  I was silent on this because I wanted to wait until I had met with the series producer so that I would be able to provide accurate information.  The series will be produced by Hope Channel, a Seventh-day Adventist TV broadcaster with a global reach.  I was supposed to meet with the producer in January in Silver Spring, Maryland.  But that trip was cancelled due to the historic blizzard that month.  I was able to complete that trip recently, and am now able to give an accurate update.

The series has been approved by the Hope board and they are now in the resource mobilization phase (which is to say they are cobbling together a budget for the series).  The budget for the series will necessarily be larger than most other programs Hope produces for the simple reason that what is envisioned is not a studio series, but will be shot on site in the US and in other locations around the world.  Hope is taking to sister organizations and other potential sponsors, and the confidence that funding will be completed is high.

Here at Planet In Distress, we are also fundraising for this series, with a goal of raising $10,000.  This effort was critical when Hope had not committed any resources to the project.  But now that Hope has committed at least some resources to the project, the fund-raising here is still important because it lowers the hurdle for Hope while at the same time providing an option for travel and filming outside what Hope will commit to.

God willing, filming for the series will begin in the late summer or fall.  The program will be “outward looking” which is to say that it is meant to appeal to a broad audience, not just to Adventists.  The series will look at the rapid and accelerating decline of various earth systems, will talk to leading scientists from around the world, will visit places that are undergoing stress and conflict (and disease and hunger) due to this accelerating decline, and will compare all of this to prophecy in the Bible, pointing out how clearly all of this matches scripture and how little time we have left in earth’s history.

So far, folks have donated about $4500 of the $10,000 goal.  If the Lord moves your heart to help support this project, you can send your tax-deductible donation to:

Northern New England Conference
Attention:  Planet In Distress
479 Main Street
Westbrook, Maine 04092