Paywall Down At AR, Full Article Now Available

I have an article in last week’s Adventist Review.  It was originally behind a subscriber-only paywall but, now that it has aged a little, they have taken down the paywall and the full article is available to read.  It also has a link to the associated video, “Not Just A Cycle”.   You can find the article here:

I want to note here that an odd trend has developed.  I am suddenly being asked to write a series of such articles (or related articles) for a series of magazines (or have written an unsolicited article that was accepted).  And there has developed several video or TV opportunities to get this message out.  I have been trying to proclaim the message of the effect of sin on the earth, its relationship to prophecy, and the nearness of Christ’s coming for several years with frustratingly modest success.  And now, suddenly, the Lord has opened all these doors.  I take this to mean the Lord wants this message proclaimed now.  Reasoning from the Lord’s timing,  I suspect, strongly, that we will see more observable impacts of sin on the earth throughout this next year – more disasters, more conflict, more disease.  My heart aches at the thought, but it aches even more at the masses who are waiting to be told of the soon coming of Jesus, and salvation through Him.

We live in an age of the visible fulfillment of prophecy.  Let us be fully awake to our mission.  Let us loosen our bounds.  Instead of almost speaking to a friend or colleague or stranger about Christ, lets actually do it.  Instead of almost telling someone that we are praying for them, lets actually do it.  Instead of almost going to someone’s home and leaving gems of literature, lets actually do it.  And instead of almost putting more of God’s Word in our hearts and almost spending more time with Him in prayer, lets actually do it.

Scott Christiansen