Zika Virus: Scarier and Scarier

Zika has reached epidemic levels in parts of the Caribbean and South America, and is expected to achieve local transmission status in the contiguous United States soon (it is already a massive local transmission problem in Puerto Rico and other US territories).  The virus may eventually infect more than half the world’s population.  While the virus still spreads (including sexual transmission), knowledge of its processes and impacts is also slowly accumulating, and everything we are discovering is negative.  We have, for instance, discovered that Zika causes a range of neurological problems in some of the people it infects.  Long-term neurological impacts are at this time not known but  could be significant.  Here is a good article on what is currently known of Zika’s effects beyond microcephaly.

We live in a time in earth’s history when the Bible tells us we can expect to see diseases of all sort on the increase.  We are told to also expect increases in conflict, in hunger, and in disasters.  A couple months ago I wrote an article about Zika and about the prophetic age in which we live.  That article came out last week in Adventist World.  You can read the magazine here, with my article starting on page 30.

The signs are rapidly thickening around us, and all that we have been told to  watch for is happening.  As these signs dramatically increase, they will become more and more apparent, even to those who are casually watching.  Our job is  to help people understand what these  signs mean, and to lead them to Christ.

Scott Christiansen