This Is What A Prolonged Drought Causes…

Just after writing my “Densification” post (If you have not read it, you should) I find this news article about a town of 3000 in the Australian outback that has put plans in place to evacuate the entire town if the Australian drought continues much longer.  The article is an interesting one from the always well-written Guardian, so give it a read, 

It is interesting that Australia is going into its third year of drought, just like California, and that the country is setting both heat records and low-rainfall records, just like California.  What is fascinating about Australia is that this is happening in the absence of an El Nino phenomenon, which usually brings such conditions.  Where California and Australia part ways is that there is some talk of an emerging El Nino condition later this year, which would likely break the California drought while exacerbating the Australia drought.  If that happens, the impact on Australia (and its crops, which help feed Asia) will be profound.  I’ll keep an eye on this.

Scott Christiansen