More Changes in the Atmosphere, More Changes in the Weather

There is a new study out by scientists at the University of New South Wales that looks at how “unprecedented” increases in trade wind strength in the tropics is changing circulation patterns of ocean water and driving warm water deep into the ocean (and bringing up cooler water).  The study essentially pieces together a puzzle for why the earth is continuing to warm while temperatures on the land surface have stayed pretty steady for the past ten years or more. 

The study (and the article) are interesting and informative, but what is most important to me is the penultimate paragraph (the next-to-the-last paragraph) of the article, which talks about the mystery of why we have seen an unprecedented acceleration in our trade winds.  For those who read this blog, the “why” will not be so much of a mystery:  The key is in the changing ocean and the sympathetic response by the atmosphere.

God created the hydrosphere (oceans, rivers, lakes – all surface waters) and the atmosphere (complete with its many and complex layers and functions) in one day, and he created them as two halves of a whole that are constantly interacting and exchanging gases, exchanging thermal energy, exchanging ions, etc.  The rule is that what affects the oceans affects the atmosphere (and therefore the weather), and what affects the atmosphere affects the oceans.

We have seen profound changes in the life webs and thermal state of our oceans, and I have for some time argued here and in more detail in my book that we will increasingly see destabilization and accelerating decline in our atmosphere.  Now we are seeing it more and more at both high levels (jet stream, polar vortex) and at lower levels (trade winds).  Keep watching how these two systems interact as they accelerate in their decline.  They will affect everything and everyone on earth.

Scott Christiansen