NASA: The Convergence of Food, Water and Energy Crises Could Create a ‘Perfect Storm’ Within About Fifteen Years

In my weekend seminars I dedicate some time to what is  going on in earth’s natural systems, and then I try to point out the impact that this is having and will have on human society, including the devastation of our global complex society.  As I have said here before, it is in this  section of my talk that eyes glaze over.  Some kind commenters have said that eyes glaze over because we just are unable to  imagine such a thing.  Others have said that eyes glaze  over because I am boring the audience with an overly-technical subject.

Just in case  the latter is correct, here is an article from a month ago that I highly recommend to you.  The article is from The Guardian – always a good source – and it is not inly very accessible and interesting but it covers NASA research which is of itself extremely interesting.  The NASA research looks at the possibility of the near-term collapse of  our global industrial society and finds that  it  is actually a very credible risk.  Give the article a read.

Scott Christiansen