New World Order: We Are In Uncharted Water

Once in a while an article comes along that is so very thoughtful, so very articulate, and so very meaningful to thinking Christians and yet, was not necessarily written by a Christian and was not written from a Christian perspective.  The article “New Weird Order” by Tom Engelhardt (of is just such an article.  The article basically argues that the world order is in a place that is wholly unexpected because, as the United States has been slowly declining over the last couple of decades, the rest of the world has been declining more quickly, leaving the US as the sole superpower in an environment where no other power is visibly rising.  The argument is made that power loss in one area without power gain in another area is foreign to what we know about power. 

Students of prophecy and close observers of current events will know that, indeed, another power is rapidly rising but that this power is not one that is recognized as a global player, at least, not by the standards of this age.  In fact, we have to go back several centuries in history to find a time when this power was a major political force.  That power is the Catholic Church and, while the power it is gaining is not readily observable, my reading of prophetic history says that now is the time for the Catholic Church to rise. 

Read the article with this context in mind and see what you think.  Also, as you read the comments in the article about shifts in conflict in the current era, keep in mind Matthew 24:6-8 (wars and rumors of wars, etc.).  My reading of the world situation is that when we see a few more stressors piled on weak societies, we will see an outbreak of hostilities between states, and that this will simply exacerbate the conflict between people groups that we already see (“nation against nation” is state vs state warfare and “kingdom against kingdom” is people-group vs people-group).

Read the article and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Scott Christiansen