More Thoughts On Daniel 2:41-43

The EU is primarily a monetary union, with a dash of coordinated defense and police action thrown in for good measure.  As such, the EU will live or die on the basis of its economic success.  Presently and for much of  the last decade, it has been dying.  For what this means in terms of fulfillment of critically important prophecy, please see my previous post Daniel 2:41-43 Alert.  More or less immediately after I wrote my first Daniel 2 post, an excellent article appeared on Bloomberg titled “Will The Next Recession Destroy Europe“.  I highly recommend it.  I also recommend that, after reading that article, you might also want to proceed to my next post on The Imminent Dangers of Deflation and Mounting Global Debt.

Normally this blog talks about disruptions and accelerating decay in the worlds natural systems and how those are linked to prophecy.  At first glance, there man not seem to be a link between the accelerating decline of natural systems and our economic systems – we seem to believe that they exist in separate spheres.  But in fact what we are seeing is an accelerating decline in the natural systems that God made and the economic and societal systems that man made and indeed the two are highly interactive, with our society and economy ultimately fully reliant upon smoothly functioning natural systems.

“Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones”  –E.G. White, Testimonies V9, Page 11

Scott Christiansen