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Around The World, A Frantic Search For Water

California has entered its fourth  year of epic drought.   The vast number of people living in California are not immediately threatened–they actually don’t use all that much water–but California agriculture may be well down the road to all but disappearing (and that is a really big deal–California feeds the US).  California may also be entering […]

More Thoughts On Daniel 2:41-43

The EU is primarily a monetary union, with a dash of coordinated defense and police action thrown in for good measure.  As such, the EU will live or die on the basis of its economic success.  Presently and for much of  the last decade, it has been dying.  For what this means in terms of […]

About That Mystery Prophecy In Luke 21…

Christ, toward the end of His ministry, made some remarkable comments to His disciples about things that would happen in the future. This set them to asking for clarification and further information. Christ provided this information – in astonishing and detailed abundance. You can read what He said in that private conversation with His disciples in […]

NASA Issues Sea Level Alert For Slow Motion Global Catastrophy

The earth continues to accelerate in its decline whether we recognize it or not.  And sometimes, we wake up to an astonishing case of decline that is well advanced but has only just been recognized.  Such is the case in Antarctica, where massive ice sheets have begun to move”rapidly” toward the ocean and will ultimately increase sea levels by up to 15 feet, […]

Ours is the First Generation to be Able to Chart and Graph the Fulfillment of Prophecy

For some two thousand years, generation after generation of Christians have waited for the return of Christ.  These generations have faithfully studied the Scriptures, noted the way-marks outlined in prophecy, and watched for the return of Christ – just as He instructed (Mark 13:32-37). Many among these generations have lived in the expectation that they would see […]

Updated Resource Depletion Graph and Timeline

I am trying to add meaningful and appealing graphs and illustrations to my posts here (and to my seminars) but it is a struggle for me as I do not have natural graphic talent.  The effort is a process of trail, error, and migration toward improved designs.  I hope you will forgive me if I […]

When Will the Water Run Out?

This is the first in a series of articles dealing with resource constraints.  While I covered these issues in my book, Planet In Distress, I did not try to place the depletion of various resources on a timeline.  This I will attempt to do now, with the caveat that data on some issues and areas […]