“Unprecedented” Is Hardly Adequate: It Is Raining Near The North Pole Today

It is raining near the north pole.  Currently, 24 hour darkness prevails and the temperature normally  ranges from-20 to -40 and below.  But today, it is raining.  To call this unprecedented is simply inadequate.  To call it a sign of what is coming on the world is likely more accurate.

Yesterday, when I posted about the massive storm centered over Iceland, I said I would update the post later in the week.  Well, a writer and researcher that I greatly respect has already done that.  So, instead of rewriting everything, I will simply provide a link to the post written by Robert Scribbler.  The post doesn’t just cover the Arctic impacts, it also covers the epic flooding that is coming on the UK (three all-time record floods in one month?).  So, I recommend reading the Scribbler post if you have time.

Scott Christiansen