Planet In Distress TV Series: Within Reach

Perhaps you have seen the video series I filmed with ARtv.  If not, take a look at the first of the six short videos here.  I had an extremely positive experience working with ARtv, which stands for Adventist Review TV, and perhaps you will agree that the video quality is very, very good.  That initial collaboration has resulted in a broader discussion about producing a 13 program Planet In Distress series for commercial television.  The discussions are very advanced and the media team at Review is doing an excellent job of bringing in outside talent and developing the series very methodically and intentionally.  Currently the series has been very well defined and mapped out and a budget is being developed.

Please hold up this effort in your prayers.  Several times in the past a TV series seemed to be coming together, only to fall apart.  Looking back at the previous plans, I will say that the quality of the production and the scope of the vision pale in respect to the current efforts, so perhaps that is why the Lord let those plans fail so this effort would emerge.  Or perhaps there is a different reason.

When the previous efforts seemed sure, I appealed for funding support and some of you decided to support the effort.  I am glad to say that those funds are still salted away and will support this effort, should it mature as expected.  It is my expectation that this effort will be either signed or scrapped (with the budget being the critical point) in the next few weeks.  I will certainly keep you updated.  Thank you for your prayers on this project!

–Scott Christiansen