Trump Is Inaugurated President – Here Is What Will Change

Today is an interesting day in history.  The United States of America has, by a minority of total votes cast and with the express assistance of the Soviet Union,  elected the most random and disruptive president in its history.  Those who voted for Trump – and most everyone in the Republican party – expect that this combination of randomness and disruptiveness will result in very good things for America.   Maybe it will,  though there is little in the history of the US or any other nation to suggest that randomness and disruptiveness are desirable qualities in executive leadership.  And thus the US, a beacon of liberal democracy and the leader of the world, enters a new age where surprise and unintended consequences are guaranteed, where a reordering of national relations seems extremely likely, and where any outcome from “good” to “very, very bad” is possible.  We are, indeed, at an interesting point in history.

So, with the onset of this new age, let’s be very clear what will change in regard to the really big, really important things that are driving events in the world:  nothing.  That’s right – nothing.  Let’s put politics back into its relatively impotent place for a while and take a look at the mega-trends of this world.

  1. The Rejection of God’s Governance and the Adoption of Satan’s Model.  When Satan decided he wanted to be above God and started a political campaign in heaven claiming that God was unfair and a poor leader, Satan rejected God’s governance model, which had love as its organizing principle.  Satan claimed to have a better way.  Astonishingly, a third of the angels in heaven accepted Satan’s claims and sided with him – or voted for him, if you will.   Satan and his angels were thrown out of heaven and cast to earth.  Here Satan succeeded in getting mankind (Adam and Eve) to believe his claims and to disobey God.  By conquering man, Satan won the dominion of the earth that God had given to man and thus became the “god” of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4).  Here he had all he needed to set about proving that the “better way” he claimed to have in Heaven was just that.  By looking at the way all natural things and all human things in the world operate, we can deduce that his “better way” was a system that had selfishness as its organizing principle, which is the opposite of God’s organizing principle.  There are two fundamental problems with this.  The first is that God is the given of life to the universe, and separation of God through rebellion causes death, whether it comes sooner or later.  The second problem is that selfishness is the very definition of unsustainable, and everything that is selfishness-based will eventually collapse in on itself.  Combine these two and you get the world as we see it today, and thus the world that Satan took over and twisted into a model of his rebellion stands as a witness of the falsehood of his claims against the character of God even as its selfishness-based systems result in greater conflict, greater suffering, greater inequality, and greater deceptions.  The logical conclusion of such an order is accelerating decline and greater evil everywhere, but particularly in pursuit of power and wealth.  Human society is in accelerating decline and there isn’t anything in the changing of a presidential administration in the United States that affects this narrative in any way. (This is a very brief overview of my “Selfishness Paradigm” approach.  For a fuller and more fully Bible-referenced explanation, see the first in my series of six short videos on the subject here)
  2. The Marked and Accelerating Decline of the Natural World.  When God created the world, it reflected his perfect character, which the Bible tells us is the very definition of Love.  A character of perfect love does not – cannot – create something that is contrary to it.  In other words, a character of perfect love cannot create a world full of disease and predation and conflict and hate and still be a character of perfect love.  From this we know that Satan twisted the world – all the world.  Since Satan’s charge was against God’s character and since God’s character was reflected in every aspect of life on earth – animal life and plant life and human life – we can understand that Satan felt compelled to establish a selfishness-based system for every form of life on earth.  What kind of a rebellion would it be if he had not?  He’d simply be agreeing that God’s design and God’s system were superior.  But, of course, they were superior.  And Satan’s selfishness-based system is unsustainable and doomed to collapse in on itself.  Thus it is that we are seeing the collapse of life webs around the world and are seeing the very operating systems of the earth – our atmospheric, oceanic, fresh water, climate and food production systems – in rapid and accelerating decline.  This accelerating decline threatens all human life on earth if it runs its natural course.  There is nothing about a change of presidential administrations in the United States that stops or even slows this accelerating decline and the conflict, disease, hunger, and instability associated with it.
  3. The Role of Individuals in the War Between Christ and Satan.  There is one thing left on earth that Satan does not control:  those who reject his control.  When Satan conquered Adam and Eve, it seems he expected them to remain conquered.  But immediately after, God pronounced a curse on Satan that not only predicted Christ, but also freed man to reject the governance of Satan.  Each individual is the focus of an epic struggle between Christ and Satan and each individual chooses the operating system they want in their lives – a selfishness-based approach or a love-based approach.  Those who choose Christ and the love-based approach to running the universe are a demonstration to the rest of the world that there is an alternate way to the system that Satan has established in the world.  These people – these Christians – are a witness through their lives and a living protest to Satan and what he has done to the world.  There is nothing about a new presidential administration in Washington DC that changes personal responsibility (and liability) in this war between Christ and Satan.

Taken all together, perhaps the only thing that really changed today is that the role of Christians got incrementally more important as the opportunity to draw distinctions between the way the world is and the way it was created grows yet clearer.  But then, that happens every day.  At the same time, Satan works even harder with each passing day to push or pull, woo or threaten, people into accepting his selfishness-based operating system for the world.  It is critical that Christians, immersed as they are in a hostile world, proclaim even more  loudly that there is a different and better way.

What started off as a political fight will end as a political fight because the war between Christ and Satan is a political one, which is to say that it is fought with ideas and organizing principles and leadership character and will not be decided by weapons.  As we look upon the world as it stands today, with the pursuit of power, wealth, and status the dominant and driving force, and as we contemplate the increasing anger among nations and the increasing state of conflict, let us contemplate whether in our personal lives we are upholding a system of living based on accepting God  and his kingdom of love, or based on Satan and his chaotic and decaying kingdom based on selfishness.  The chaos approach to governance does not work, nor does the selfishness-based model. It’s just that simple.  And nothing that happened today in Washington DC changes that.

–Scott Christiansen