“The Ocean Is Broken”

You really should read this article.  It is about a yachtsman who recently sailed from Australia to Japan to the US – the same route he sailed ten years ago – and how he found a dead and astonishlingly polluted ocean where only ten years ago there had been a living one.  The article is striking.  Granted, a significant amount of the vast debris and pollution the he encountered between Japan and the US was from the tsunami that struck Japan in March of 2011 (and along with that debris is a vast radiation plume from the nuclear power plant that was damaged in the same incident – both the debris and the radiation are headed for the US).  But still, long before hitting Japan and the tsunami debris field, he describes an ocean that was eerily dead and silent.  You really should read the article.

For some time I have been talking about our dying oceans.  I have also been talking about how God created at atmosphere and hydrosphere in one day, and how the two systems are joined at the hip – how they are dependent upon each other.  I argue in my book, and I have argued in past posts that since we see such an amazing and accelerating decline in our oceans, that there also must be an astonishing and accelerating decline in our atmospheric system.   For more on this, see this previous post.  I also argue that the root cause of the accelerating decline in all of our natural systems is the accumulated effects of sin.  For more of this original argument, see this previous post.   Of course, if any of this is anywhere near correct, we should see data showing how the atmosphere is changing, right?  Well, yes, we should.  And indeed we have some data supporting the view.    However, we have one fundamental problem:  Our data on the oceans is quite extensive and have been accumulated over centuries.  Our data on the atmosphere is paltry, so it is hard to make a comparison between the two, though I strongly suspect that if the atmosphere had been monitored as extensively as the oceans, we would be as appalled worried over the one as the other.

So what to expect?  Well, what does scripture say?  We can expect more conflict, more disease, more famines (Matthew 24:6-8) and more disasters and troubles of all kinds (Mark 13:8).  How you look at this situation is really an indication of what reality you choose:  Do you choose a reality that says that the the world and its lures frame your reality?  If you believe that life will go on and that you should get and grab all of the money, fame, and worldy admiration that you can, then the thought of an end of the world and a judgement before God will simply make no sense to you – it will not fit your chosen paradigm.  Likewise, if you look at the world from the perspective of one who is watching for Christ, the actions of those in the world will make no sense to you.  How, you ask, could a sane person ever revel in doing things that harmed themselves and others, and how could a person ever trade the cheap, deceptive, and transient lures of this world for the astonishing, everlasting delight and amazement that awaits us in heaven?  Only by holding up  Christ will we ever be able to reach across these divergent paradigms.

I do believe that soon enough we will clearly see remarkable changes in the atmosphere – that we will see the effects of the changes that are already taking place.  However, if we wait to see such things before we attempt to witness to others, we will have lost precious time and with it, souls.  What is your reality and how will you act on that reality?

Scott Christiansen