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This is What “Accelerating Decline” Means

So, a new study is out regarding sea-level rise and its impact on New York.  Reports are that the study is a very exhaustive one that was carried out with diligence by experts in an array of fields.  What the report is saying is that New York City can expect sea level increases to be […]

NASA Issues Sea Level Alert For Slow Motion Global Catastrophy

The earth continues to accelerate in its decline whether we recognize it or not.  And sometimes, we wake up to an astonishing case of decline that is well advanced but has only just been recognized.  Such is the case in Antarctica, where massive ice sheets have begun to move”rapidly” toward the ocean and will ultimately increase sea levels by up to 15 feet, […]

“The Ocean Is Broken”

You really should read this article.  It is about a yachtsman who recently sailed from Australia to Japan to the US – the same route he sailed ten years ago – and how he found a dead and astonishlingly polluted ocean where only ten years ago there had been a living one.  The article is […]

When Will All The Fish Be Gone?

This is the third article in a series examining specific resource depletion and calculating – roughly – when the depletion of specific resources will result in societal conflict.   In the previous two blog posts we examined the timeline for the depletion of water (aquifers) and phosphorous rock.  This post looks at the depletion of […]