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NASA Issues Sea Level Alert For Slow Motion Global Catastrophy

The earth continues to accelerate in its decline whether we recognize it or not.  And sometimes, we wake up to an astonishing case of decline that is well advanced but has only just been recognized.  Such is the case in Antarctica, where massive ice sheets have begun to move”rapidly” toward the ocean and will ultimately increase sea levels by up to 15 feet, […]

“We’re Seeing The Reliability Of The Seasons… Break Down”

The world is a big place, and change to the very systems that God created to sustain life on the planet is happening all over this world.  To be more precise, we are seeing accelerating decline in the earth’s systems – its oceanic, atmospheric, climate, food production and fresh water systems.  The accelerating decline we […]

“The Ocean Is Broken”

You really should read this article.  It is about a yachtsman who recently sailed from Australia to Japan to the US – the same route he sailed ten years ago – and how he found a dead and astonishlingly polluted ocean where only ten years ago there had been a living one.  The article is […]

“We Are Fundamentally Destabilizing Our Natural Systems”

The headline of this post is part of a quote taken from Wolfgang Lucht, a co-author of a recent study released by the Potsdam Institute.  In one pithy, insightful quote, he summarized half of what I am trying to say on this blog.  Here is the relevent quote from Lucht as included in this Bloomberg […]

Ours is the First Generation to be Able to Chart and Graph the Fulfillment of Prophecy

For some two thousand years, generation after generation of Christians have waited for the return of Christ.  These generations have faithfully studied the Scriptures, noted the way-marks outlined in prophecy, and watched for the return of Christ – just as He instructed (Mark 13:32-37). Many among these generations have lived in the expectation that they would see […]

Tipping Point for Global Food Supply?

Regular readers will know that I bang on quite a bit about food supply and food prices, and for good reason:  Increases in food prices rapidly bring down weak societies, which leads in turn to war (or internal conflicts), sickness, forced migration, etc.  Global food prices are our best single indicator of the relative peace, […]

When Will the Phosphate Rock and Potash Run Out?

This post is the second in a series of articles dealing with resource constraints.  If you read these introductory paragraphs for the first article in the series (“When Will the Water Run Out?”), then skip past these italicized paragraphs.  While I covered resource constraints in my book, Planet In Distress, I did not try to place the depletion of various […]

Past the Tipping Point: Haiti and Syria

The link between sin, environmental degradation, and societal disruption that fulfills prophecy is just becoming apparent.  As with almost any emerging trend or event, it has to be pointed out and explained before it is apparent but, after that, it is relatively easy to detect.  It is important to be able to see the connection between sin […]

From Sin to Environmental Degradation to Societal Disruption and the Fulfillment of Prophecy – How it Works

The link between sin, environmental degradation, and societal disruption that fulfills prophecy is not obvious.  But as with almost any emerging trend or event, once it is pointed out and explained, it is easy to detect. To build the case for linkage and causation between sin and environmental degradation we have to go back to […]