NASA Issues Sea Level Alert For Slow Motion Global Catastrophy

The earth continues to accelerate in its decline whether we recognize it or not.  And sometimes, we wake up to an astonishing case of decline that is well advanced but has only just been recognized.  Such is the case in Antarctica, where massive ice sheets have begun to move”rapidly” toward the ocean and will ultimately increase sea levels by up to 15 feet, swamping hundreds of major cities around the world.  The scientists say the process will take from 200 to 1000 years to play out, but they really are just guessing.   And, to put it in context, it was only 20 years ago that some scientists were speculating that the arctic sea could be ice-free in the summer in 100-200 years.  And now?  Trends indicate that the arctic will probably see an ice-free summer state within the next five years (and there is a small chance it will happen this year or next during the El Nino event).  Since we have seen all types of degradation on the planet increase and accelerate dramatically (and continue to accelerate) I would suggest that a massive sea-level increase is likely in the next 50 years.  But who needs massive?  Some parts of Miami are already being regularly flooded by high tides, something that never happened until just a few years ago.  Add just another foot to sea levels and the impact on Florida is dramatic.  Add another five feet and the impact is cataclysmic.

The news out today from NASA is a truly a big deal and is, of course, related to the warming of the seas which in turn is related to the warming of the planet.  For some, this proves that “climate change” is a problem  that is running out of control.  For me, it proves that the cumulative effects of sin continue to drive the natural systems that God created to sustain the planet into ever accelerating decline.  It also proves to me that a cluster of “mega-crises” is just around the corner, with sea levels being just one of  the cluster.  And,, if there is a slowing of the winds that amount to a southern “polar vortex”, then everything predicted will happen much, much faster.

What do I expect to happen now that this extremely important report has come out?  Nothing.  There will be talking, of course.  There is always talking.  And in low-lying areas beach-front real-estate will take a hit (and will eventually be valued based on the number of use-years estimated to be left).  Some island nations will move into high gear in terms of seeking a new homeland.  Some cities in more advanced areas of the earth in regards to societal planning (ie, just about everywhere but the US) will begin to make preparations.   But for the vast majority of the earth’s population, the party will go on, uninterrupted (“as it was in the days of Noah….).  For Christians, this is just one more wake-up call that the earth itself is subject to the effects of sin and that pressure on human society from the earth’s accelerating decline is bringing about the fulfillment of prophecy right in front of our eyes.  We must – must – urgently be about our father’s business, which in this case means telling everyone who will listen about salvation and a new life through Jesus.

Interestingly, this news plays right into a post I have been contemplating about the mystery prophetic text in Luke 21:25 & 26.  Watch for that post in the next few days.  In the meantime, stop and prayerfully consider your life and priorities in the context of the massive events now unfolding all over the earth.

Scott Christiansen