Monthly Archives: April 2016

Water: It’s A Problem

The earth continues its slow but accelerating decay, with distress signs visible in all of its major life-sustaining systems — its atmospheric, hydrospheric, oceanic, climate, cryospheric and soil systems.  In each of these systems we can currently see disruptions, but the interesting thing is the degree to which the  disruptions are linked to each other […]

Zika Virus: Scarier and Scarier

Zika has reached epidemic levels in parts of the Caribbean and South America, and is expected to achieve local transmission status in the contiguous United States soon (it is already a massive local transmission problem in Puerto Rico and other US territories).  The virus may eventually infect more than half the world’s population.  While the […]

The Selfishness Paradigm

The Selfishness Paradigm is the working title of my next book, and it is a topic that I am excited to be writing about.  I am currently working on a series of short videos on the topic (more on this as that project develops) and have begun writing and speaking publicly on parts of the topic.  You […]

The Politics of Crisis

What happens when very large crisis are apparent on the horizon and it becomes clear that some in a country will lose a great deal and others will be asked to chip in to assist with the losses?  Politics, that’s what happens.  Positioning and messaging and the careful arranging of arguments.  Everything needed to get […]