Monthly Archives: November 2015

Paris, the Keeling Curve, and El Nino

The nations of the world are currently meeting in Paris and trying to hammer out an agreement to limit human CO2 emissions.  It is a complicated and difficult thing to do because our global human economy is powered by hydrocarbons — from the burning of oil, gas and coal — and it is not possible […]

Confused Data, Growing Problems

The constant and accelerating decline of the key  natural systems that drive life functions on this planet is fairly clear to anyone who sifts through the data.  The fact that this profound and accelerating decline is the inevitable result of sin and separation from God is also clear to anyone who sifts through what the […]

Brazil Losing 112 Billion Tons of Water Per Year Since 2012

Brazil is in the midst of the worst drought in its  modern history, and one it is woefully unprepared to cope with.  Recently NASA released a study that utilized its GRACE satellites to measure just how much water Brazil is losing during its drought.  The twin GRACCE satellites, which measure fluctuations in earth’s gravity and […]

Something Strange in the North Atlantic

The earth can be compared to an old-fashioned watch in that it has a numerous moving pieces that are fully integrated.  These “systems”  are mid-bogglingly complex and include our oceanic system, atmospheric system, soil system, fresh water system (including the hydrologic cycle, which of course overlaps with the atmospheric system), climate system, etc.  Each of these […]