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Linear, Exponential, Disengaged

Below are three graphs.  The first of these is representative of a linear increase in something.  That is to say, this graph shows a steady increase leading to a predictable impact.  Our minds work best in a linear context where we can see a trend and readily extrapolate the impact on our lives.  We can […]

First Northern Africa, Now Southern Africa

Three and four years ago, when I was giving Planet In Distress seminars, I would point to a food insecurity map of Africa and say of the countries that were indicated as food insecure, “This is where we will see conflict next.”  All the food insecure countries at that time were in Northern Africa.  As […]

Pope’s Plan Being Implemented

A landmark lawsuit has been making its way to court over the past two years.  A group of 21 young people and pre-eminent climate scientist James Hansen are suing the federal government in an attempt to force the government to base climate policy on current science.  This would have the practical effect of forcing the […]

The Oceans Are Dying (Faster Than Ever)

I have written many posts here about the speed at which the oceans are collapsing and disorganizing.  I have also suggested that all earth systems are in accelerating decay at roughly the same rate, but we have the best historic data (and best current data sources) on our oceans, so the decline is most obvious […]

State of the World and Fulfillment of Prophecy at the End of 2015

Read paragraph 237 (actually, from 228 on) for yourself2015 was a fascinating and busy year in terms of the fulfillment of prophecy and precursors of the fulfillment of prophecy.  Let’s review the earth system-by-system, looking at the mega-trends that are impacting human society and driving the fulfillment of prophecy. The Atmosphere:  The decay and decline […]

Fundraising For The Planet In Distress TV Series: 33% Complete

Preparations continue for the production of a Planet In Distress television series.  Discussions continue with Hope Channel and I’ll be updating you on production plans as they take shape.  For now, though, I want to express a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated toward this goal.  Seriously – Thank You.   Planet In Distress […]

Welcome To The Anthropocene

I have been struggling a bit lately with the steady stream of disaster and extreme weather news coming from, well, coming from just about everywhere on the planet.  After all, from the perspective of a blog writer, what use is it to just repeat the news here?  I seem to repeatedly point out that, one, the cause […]

The Next Great Famine

I don’t often publish two posts in one day, but after writing my last post I came across a short article in the New Yorker.  Now, because I think the New Yorker is the best magazine in the world,  I am of course predisposed to link to articles there.  Especially this one, which talks about a […]

There Is No “Normal” Anymore: The Significant Disruptions Have Begun

Yes, it is an El Nino year.  And yes, this El Nino is one of the strongest on record, if not the strongest.  But still, what we are seeing on a global basis is far more than just El Nino.  In fact, El Nino only serves to both exacerbate and mask the disruptions going on.  […]