Monthly Archives: March 2016

Are We At The Tipping Point?

Looking at the situation in the world now, I have to ask, in all seriousness, are we now at that tipping point?  Let’s review the facts as we know them:  Christ told us in Matthew 24 (and Mark 13 and Luke 21) what would happen in the last days.  He was actually quite detailed.  He […]

Paywall Down At AR, Full Article Now Available

I have an article in last week’s Adventist Review.  It was originally behind a subscriber-only paywall but, now that it has aged a little, they have taken down the paywall and the full article is available to read.  It also has a link to the associated video, “Not Just A Cycle”.   You can find the article […]

Interview on ARtv

The Adventist Review has started to interview authors of leading articles in each edition, and use the interviews both as stand-alone videos and as teasers for the article.  The Review that came out today has one of my articles in it titled “The End of Normal”.  It covers territory familiar to readers of this site.  […]

Fund Raising for Planet In Distress TV Series 45% Complete

It has been some time since I updated the fundraising effort for a Planet In Distress TV series.  I was silent on this because I wanted to wait until I had met with the series producer so that I would be able to provide accurate information.  The series will be produced by Hope Channel, a […]