Monthly Archives: March 2015

Around The World, A Frantic Search For Water

California has entered its fourth  year of epic drought.   The vast number of people living in California are not immediately threatened–they actually don’t use all that much water–but California agriculture may be well down the road to all but disappearing (and that is a really big deal–California feeds the US).  California may also be entering […]

Arctic Ice – Two Weeks Of Record Lows

Is it possible to have an Arctic ice record low during the height of the ice season?  Yes.  The arctic ice field, which used to grow well over 16 million square kilometers at the peak of the season (which basically falls somewhere in the first week of March), this year did not exceed 14 million […]

Arctic Ice Cap: A New Record Low

Right about now is the time of year when the Arctic ice field reaches its maximum extent – its largest size.  Forty years ago that meant that it reached a size of well over 16 million square kilometers.  Since that time (and since we have had accurate satellite measurement), the arctic ice field has steadily gotten smaller and […]