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Planet In Distress Bible Study – From Creation to Re-Creation

Several weeks ago reader Darrell asked me to provide a Bible study that covered the main assertions I make in my ministry.  I let too much time pass in preparing and posting it and for that I apologize.  Still, I at least got it done and below you can find the first draft of this […]

“Unprecedented” Is Hardly Adequate: It Is Raining Near The North Pole Today

It is raining near the north pole.  Currently, 24 hour darkness prevails and the temperature normally  ranges from-20 to -40 and below.  But today, it is raining.  To call this unprecedented is simply inadequate.  To call it a sign of what is coming on the world is likely more accurate. Yesterday, when I posted about […]

The Clearest Sign of System Failure in the World

If someone asked me to name the one place in the world where the rapidly accelerating decline of the earths natural systems is most evident, I would be hard pressed to narrow it down to just one place. After all, when God created the earth He intermeshed the operations of all earth systems.  By this I […]

Our Atmosphere – Changing

When God created our atmospheric system, on the second day of creation, He did accomplished something that we underappreciate. Our atmospheric system is enormously complicated. There are layers and layers of gasses that are of varying composition and exist at varying temperatures for some 65 to 70 miles above us.  These layers of gasses have […]

Our Oceans – Dying

On the second day of creation, God created our atmosphere and our hydrosphere, which is to say all the surface water on earth, including lakes and seas. These two massive and massively complicated systems are sister systems, each relying on the other to successfully operate. The two systems exchange heat, gasses and chemicals. They are […]

Bible Prophecies and the Characters of Christ and Satan

There is much that we can see of the character of God in the process of creation. As God created the world during creation week, He created not just things, but systems. He created our atmospheric system, our oceanic system, our fresh water system, our climate system, and all the life forms and subsystems that […]

The Prophecies of Matthew 24 and Food Price and Availability

Matthew 24 is an absolutely fascinating chapter of the Bible.  In Matthew 24, Christ’s disciples are meeting with him privately and they put a critical question to Him: they ask him what will be the signs of His coming – the signs of the end of the age. Well, Christ answers them in great detail. […]

The Effect of Sin of the Earth

There’s quite a bit of news coverage these days about changes to the earth. We’re seeing reports of more droughts, stronger storms, more frequent flooding. There’s extremes in temperatures – both hot and cold -and we’re seeing massive changes to the earth’s oceanic and atmospheric systems. Some people say its climate change. Some say there […]

The Big Picture (In 10 3-Minute Spots)

Yesterday I spent part of the day in a sound studio taping radio spots for Loud Cry Radio to consider.  Loud Cry Radio is a ministry of Glen Striemer (father of Naomi Striemer) and if you like contemporary Christian music I highly recommend it (you’ll find it streaming on the internet).  I taped the first […]

Hundreds of Millions of Coastal Dwellers in Hot Water

It was only a few years ago — less than five at any rate — that sea levels were expected by many to rise by inches in the current century.  Then, as the dramatically accelerating decline of the massive glaciers in Greenland and the Antarctic came more into focus, the discussion turned to one of feet of sea […]