Monthly Archives: February 2017

It Has Come To This…

How much do bees cost human society?  It is an important question.  Bees provide a profound service to humans – they pollinate flowers and therefore are directly responsible for a significant amount of food production around the world.  While performing this service, they also produce honey, a very significant benefit to humans.  Wild bees cost […]

The Wall Between Church And State In America Is Scheduled For Demolition

Some leaders build walls.  Some leaders knock down walls.  And sometimes a leader does both at the same time.  The National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC today was a memorable event.  It was, for instance, the first time a president used the event to mock his enemies and to curse.  The breakfast is usually a […]

A Little Insight….

There is SO MUCH going on in the world right now that it is extremely difficult to keep track.  It is even harder to synthesize everything and then compare it to Bible prophecy.  Here is an article that helped me do both.  It is not a definitive article, but it does provide some clues. –Scott […]