Monthly Archives: July 2015

City/Urban Living: A Matter of Trust

Do you trust people to do the right thing?  Do you trust politicians?  Do you trust business people?  Do you trust the water, fuel, and mercantile transportation infrastructure?  Do you trust that the environment will treat the earth gently and that major storms or earthquakes will not come near where you live? If you live […]

Ice Sheet Collapse: “We used to think it (would take) centuries”

There are two striking reports out in the last week which, when juxtaposed, are sobering. The first is reported by The Guardian, and talks about ice sheet collapse. A few years ago when I talked about ice sheet collapse and dramatically rising sea levels, the best science had such things happening in the next few hundred years.  […]

This is Hands-Down the Best Analysis of Arctic Ice Collapse Conditions That I Have Read

I am a regular reader of Robert Scribbler and, though we have slightly different perspectives, I have a profound respect for his blog.  If you are interested in the collapsing arctic ice field (and, yeah, it really, really matters as it drives our jet stream and has knock-on effects on other key global systems), then […]