Trump Is Inaugurated President – Here Is What Will Change

Today is an interesting day in history.  The United States of America has, by a minority of total votes cast and with the express assistance of the Soviet Union,  elected the most random and disruptive president in its history.  Those who voted for Trump – and most everyone in the Republican party – expect that this […]

Democracy: Fighting A Losing Battle On Two Fronts?

When the earth’s dwindling resources are strained by population and an increasingly hostile environment, there are a number of things that result, all of which are related to and intertwined with each other, and all of which are bad. We’re going to look at three of these things, and they are certainly the three biggest. […]

The Selfishness Paradigm – Video Series

I think it was back in September that I invited readers to take a look at the video series that I recorded for ARtv (Adventist Review TV).  I had expected the series would be released shortly after that post.  I was quite wrong.  The series of six video was not released until today.  So I […]

Fire And Ice

What interesting times we live in.  What prophetic times we live in. I don’t want to give the impression that this blog is all about watching the crashing Arctic ice extent and the effect it has on accelerating the decline of other earth systems.  Its not.  And yet, I find that I am again writing […]

The Earth Is Dying

Since Jesus walked this earth and conducted His ministry, those who have followed Him and taken His name – Christians – have had His words to guide them in regard to the events that will happen before He returns.  Probably the most significant signs were outlined in detail by Jesus in Matthew 24.  So, we’ve […]

The Apocalypse: Right On Schedule

If I were to script a pathway to the fulfillment of end-time Bible prophecy, it would go something like this:  rapidly declining natural systems place huge pressures on human society globally, with droughts and storms placing pressure on water and food resources.  Further significant pressures in the near future look assured.  Conflicts ratchet up globally […]

Earth Is A Battlefield

My hiatus is over – look for an important post in the next couple days.  In the meantime, I want to call your attention to a project – a message, really – that has been taking up a lot of  my time and is the subject of my next book (whose working title is “The […]

One Month,~3500 Miles…

I have just returned from a one month bicycle ride across the US.  It was a father-and-son trip, and we took the northern tier (started on the coast  of Washington State and ended on the coast of Maine).  During the trip I did not post, and I hardly posted for the six weeks leading up […]

Water: It’s A Problem

The earth continues its slow but accelerating decay, with distress signs visible in all of its major life-sustaining systems — its atmospheric, hydrospheric, oceanic, climate, cryospheric and soil systems.  In each of these systems we can currently see disruptions, but the interesting thing is the degree to which the  disruptions are linked to each other […]

Zika Virus: Scarier and Scarier

Zika has reached epidemic levels in parts of the Caribbean and South America, and is expected to achieve local transmission status in the contiguous United States soon (it is already a massive local transmission problem in Puerto Rico and other US territories).  The virus may eventually infect more than half the world’s population.  While the […]